Photo: Ashley Naomi


Meet Me Series was founded in 2016 by Ayanna Dutton to help connect like-minded women who celebrate diversity in one space. Whether navigating through careers, entrepreneurial ventures, or building relationships, the series helps to cultivate a network that women can tap into for guidance, support or resources. Each event is an experiential one ensuring that the women in attendance organically get to know each other through actionable tactics.

As an avid networker and social connector, Ayanna found herself attending a wide variety of events to hear amazing panelists speak, but when it came to networking with the actual women in the room the experience fell short. At any given event, especially events targeted to women of color, you are placed in a room with a wide array of personalities. Yet, due to constraints such as timing, venue and panel set up you never really get to interact to the degree that you would want. Keeping this in mind, Ayanna wanted to set up an experience where the amazing women of color in her circle could be placed in a space to meet each other and organically connect on different levels with the potential to cultivate a relationship. From that action, she saw potential to continue to create experiences and build a platform from her circle that would expand.