So I attended the very first Meet Me Series event which was Meet Me for Brunch and I have to say it was AMAZING! It was an awesome opportunity to meet some dope women bosses in a very relaxed and friendly environment. We ate, we drank, we exchanged business cards and just had an all around great time. As an introvert, it is sometimes difficult to attend large networking events with massive amounts of people. The intimate nature of the Meet Me event is a great opportunity to form some genuine connections with women who are rising leaders in their field! I can’t wait to attend the next event!
— Chanta Blue, Sex Therapist
The Meet Me Series is non-networking networking. What I mean by that is: yes, you’re there to make connections but the crowd is so welcoming that you just feel like you’re hanging out with group of friends you’ve known for years! The events draw a wide range of women from different backgrounds, but after connecting and conversing, you realize that we’re all in it together. We all share the same experiences in some way. Overall, I really enjoy being able to kick back, relax and connect with women that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet in my day to day life and I’m excited to be part of more Meet Me Series events.
— Alissa Nichole, Entrpreneur/Creative
Going to a meet me series event is like catching up with old friends. It’s an experience where I can get feedback and support for my career and personal goals in an affirming environment. The events and the attendees are always top notch! I haven’t missed an event yet!
— Jasmin, Licensed Therapist