Photo: Ashley Naomi

Photo: Ashley Naomi

why should you attend an event?

The purpose of this series is to bridge the gap between networking and shared experiences. Often times we find ourselves attending an event and being placed in a room with dynamic individuals who we rarely get to meet. It can be intimidating or sometimes you just can't find a way to connect.

"What if you had the opportunity to attend an event or workshop where you experiment with different cuisines, products, strategies and techniques while meeting amazing boss ladies (such as yourself) from various industries in the most organic way?"

This series believes in cultivation by taking a twist on your average networking soiree. We are building a network of intellectual women who share similar values and hustles expanding our circles one event at a time.



Who should attend an event?

All women rule the world, but making sure we shed light on women of color is our primary focus. This is why this platform is not intended to exclude, but to embrace our diverse beauties from various cultural and career backgrounds. Mixing and mingling with fellow boss ladies will aid in helping to expand your network and provide an empowering space where you can grow personally and professionally.


WHAT to expect?

We take care of the experience; you just have to be your fabulous self, genuinely want to connect and have an open mind. We create a space for you to learn something new while you share your experiences. Each woman has their own takeaway.


How do I attend an event?

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2) Feel free to check out our calendar for upcoming events, visit our blog and social pages to stay updated.